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MOONSMC® T-SPORT Fairing Headlight Extension Block

MOONSMC® T-SPORT Fairing Headlight Extension Block

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If you're running a repop T-SPORT fairing on either a 39mm, and or a 49mm front end bike most likely your headlight is to far inside the fairing and is not aligned correctly. Most, if not all of the repop T-SPORT fairings sold on the market today do not include a headlight block. Our headlight block mounts to your lower triple tree, and will align your headlight perfectly with your fairing.

Stainless Steel nuts and bolts are supplied with this kit.

CNC Machined / Billet 6061 Aluminum
No Additional Hardware Needed
Hard Anodized Black

HD Motorcycles with a 39mm and or 49mm front end running a repop T-Sport fairing
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