Greg Lutzka Limited Edition Bassani Xhaust Promo Video

Greg Lutzka Limited Edition Bassani Xhaust Promo Video

Greg Lutzka and local friends Jeff Palkie, Chad Coffee, Tommy Moons, and Billy Anderson turned out to promote Greg's new Limited Edition Performance Exhaust System for Dyna. All riders currently rock our Road Rage Stainless 2into1 system and were excited to take part to make something special for this product launch. Harley Sponsored Pro Skateboarder "Greg Lutzka" has been a Bassani Xhaust enthusiast for some time and we thought it would be awesome to collaborate on a limited edition stainless Dyna system, and cross brand with not only Greg but bring two action sports together making it the first ever Harley and Skateboarding themed exhaust system.

Greg is not only famous as a Pro Skateboarder but is involved in other sports and can be seen hanging out in Iconic So-Cal venues like Cooks Corner, Born Free, and riding around in the OC on his Dyna . Greg and friends involved represent the true spirit of independents that are the lifeblood of this newly forming sub-culture in the Harley world and Bassani Xhaust hopes that their enthusiasm will encourage and inspire current riders and attract new riders to get out and ride! #supporttheindependents

We currently have the Greg Lutzka pipe in stock and ready to ship!!

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